Villagers Against Inappropriate Turbine Sitings
St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk

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Stop Press! Saxon Windpower has announced it is abandoning its plans to build the Wind Farm at St. James, and that Andrew Hadingham has withdrawn from the project. The East Anglian Daily Times has more details in its article "Controversial wind farm plan ditched"
Small 747 Wind Turbines are anything but a small problem. It is easy to underestimate the scale of them. 100 metres may not sound like much, and it doesn't take very long to walk, but 100 metres vertically is entirely another matter. The diameter of the rotors on the proposed turbines is 80 metres, in comparison, a Boeing 747 "Jumbo" Jet has a wing span of a mere 60 metres.

Please read our updated details (11th October 2003).

What is VAITS? VAITS is a local group set up to rally support against the proposed development of a Wind Turbine Farm near St James, South Elmham in Suffolk.
Are you against Wind Power? We are not against Wind Power itself although there are many questions about its viability. We do feel that more care and consideration must be taken about the proposed sites, particularly for onshore Wind Farms.
What can I do? / Can I help? We are currently gathering information and opinions from around the country and around the world. We are interested in hearing from anyone who has fought similar planning proposals. If you have a Wind Farm near you we would like to hear from you.
How do I contact you? Please send emails here.
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